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We like to share what we like best – our favorites! We also like to discover what other people prefer. Share your favorites and discover what people like best, using the iFavr app.


Pick the best or add your own. The favorites you pick are added to My Favrits.

Earn Favrs

Watch the scoreboard as your favrs increase. Use favrs to rate the best, offer a bonus or to view the results.


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iFavr is a social way to discover the world’s favorite things. It’s fun and easy to share and discover new favorites.


General information is good, but specific information is invaluable! Find out what makes your customers unique, or why your friends are special by inviting them to share what they like best. Search and select one favrit (a poll) or more favrits (a quiz) and invite a response.

View the Results

Select one or more favrits and view the results. Compare the results received from friends or customers to the general opinion.

We love data and make it available to all who contribute to analyse and share. iFavr is the place where you can share your opinion anonymously while benefitting from the collective wisdom of the community.

Analyse the Results

Use the slider to select the search terms and search logic (AND or OR). Discover new favrits in the results or find an exact match.

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Choose the type of chart and share the results with friends, customers or on social media.

Have you ever wondered what makes you special? We are defined by the choices we make. Is your opinion mainstream or are you a maverick? Is your preference the popular or the peculiar choice?

Pick the most Popular

How good are you at picking the most popular? Test you skill with the Pick the Popular quiz and earn bonus favrs.

Thank you for sharing what you like best. Together we are creating a valuable resource to benefit all who contribute for the greater good.

Do Good

Need more favrs? If you have run out of favrs you can always buy more and do good at the same time. As a profit for purpose business we pledge to donate 51% of net profit to charities and education.


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