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Big data has big value! We all contribute to large datasets when we use mobile devices, loyalty cards, apps and social media, often without our knowledge or consent. Companies claim this data as their own, jealously guarding it and using it to maximise profits for their shareholders.

We are different. Our stakeholders are charities and educational institutions. We acknowledge that your opinions and choices have value, especially when it comes to the things you like best – your favourites. As a profit-for-purpose company we gather data on what people like best. This data has value and our purpose is to put it to good use. We pledge to donate 51% of our net profits after tax to charity and education.

By sharing what you like best you contribute to a collective set of data that you can use to discover what people like best. In this way you discover new favrits to to share!

You can make a difference by simply sharing what you like best!

Have fun.

Anton Parsons

Anton Parsons



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